Maitland Ward Biography : From Sitcom Starlet to Adult Film Phenom

Maitland Ward first captured hearts as a fresh-faced teen on 1990s sitcoms like Boy Meets World. After over two decades out of the spotlight, Ward made a dramatic career change in 2019 – pivoting into the adult film industry at age 42.

Rather than hide her former identity, Ward has owned her transition to porn. And her approach is paying off big time. Already an established actress, Ward brought mainstream name recognition. Coupled with her all-American beauty and enthusiasm on set, Ward quickly dominated adult content creation.

Today, Maitland Ward stands tall as one of the most popular, decorated performers in the adult space. But her path from family-friendly actress to XXX icon wasn’t without challenges. Learn all about Ward’s unexpected journey – including her personal and professional lives, net worth, notable appearances, and more below.

Maitland Ward Early Life and Career Beginnings

Born on February 3, 1977 in Long Beach, California, Maitland Ward grew up immersed in entertainment. After appearing in plays throughout high school, an auburn-haired 15-year old Ward landed the role of headstrong Jessica Forrester on CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful in 1994.

Ward continued acting through her twenties, popping up on sitcom Home Improvement and comedy film White Chicks. Her longest stint came on Boy Meets World from 1997 to 2000, playing the quintessential college student Rachel McGuire.

By 2013, Ward noticed film roles drying up. Still, she kept herself in the public eye by regularly posting glam shots across Snapchat and Instagram – quickly amassing over 1 million collective social followers. The internet took notice of then 36-year old Ward’s famous frame.

Switching Lanes to Porn

In 2019, Ward decided to capitalize on her massive online popularity by entering the adult industry. She signed with adult talent agency Society 15, then owned by ex-porn star Marcia Haze. By May, Maitland Ward made pornographic debut in Drive (2019).

At over 40 years of age, Ward shattered preconceptions by seamlessly adapting to hardcore content creation. Her memorable on-screen charisma, striking looks, and openness about sex work won over viewers worldwide. Ward’s established acting abilities also enable naturally convincing performances.

Indeed, the former sitcom actress brings rare authentic expression to roles – a valued quality in adult films. All combined, Maitland Ward rapidly ascended into one of the most in-demand performers around today.

Maitland Ward Quick Facts

  • Claims 7 Adult Film Award Wins
  • Has Over 1.5 Million Instagram Followers
  • Married to Terry Baxter since 2006
  • Launched Slutty Disney Princess Podcast in 2021
  • Published Confessional Memoir Rated X in 2022
  • Net Worth Estimates Around $2 Million

Maitland Ward FAQs

Is Maitland Ward still married?

Yes. Maitland Ward and real estate agent Terry Baxter wed in 2006. The two remain happily married with Baxter fully supporting his wife’s porn career.

What films featured Maitland Ward as an actress?

Before entering adult films, Ward appeared in 1990s sitcoms The Bold and The Beautiful (Jessica Forrester), USA High, Home Improvement, and Boy Meets World (Rachel McGuire). She also acted in 2004 comedy White Chicks.

What awards has Maitland Ward won for porn?

Since her 2019 industry debut, Ward has quickly racked up 7 adult film awards:

  • 2020 AVN Award Winner – Best Supporting Actress (Drive)
  • 2020 XBIZ Award Winner – Best Actress in a Feature Movie (Drive)
  • 2020 XRCO Award Winner – Mainstream Adult Media Favorite
  • 2021 XBIZ Award Winner – Best Actress in a Feature Movie (Muse)
  • 2021 XBIZ Award Winner – Best Sex Scene (Muse)
  • 2022 XBIZ Award Winner – Best Actress in a Feature Movie (The Big Time)
  • 2022 XRCO Award Winner – MILF of the Year

How much is Maitland Ward actually worth?

Estimates place Ward’s current net worth around $2 million. He earnings comes from acting and various entertainment gigs with her adult film career contributing as well.

What podcast does Maitland Ward host?

Along with entrepreneur Kayden Kross, Ward hosts Slutty Disney Princess – a lively podcast exploring sexuality, dating, taboos, adult content creation and more from the perspective of two perennially curious women.

Maitland Ward Age

As of today, December 16, 2023, Maitland Ward is 46 years old. She was born on February 3, 1977.

Maitland Ward eyes colors

Maitland Ward’s eye color can be a bit tricky to pin down definitively, as it can appear to shift under different lighting and with certain outfits.

Most commonly described as

Her eyes are generally described as a light hazel. This means they have a mix of green, brown, and sometimes gold flecks.

Can appear to change

Depending on the light and what she’s wearing, her eyes can also appear more green, gold, or even slightly blue. This is likely due to the subtle variations in the hazel color and the way light interacts with it.

Maitland’s own observation

Interestingly, Maitland herself has said that her eyes seem to change color depending on what she’s wearing, with green being more prominent when she wears green clothing.

Ultimately, Maitland Ward’s eye color is best described as a beautiful and captivating hazel that can dance between different shades depending on the light and surrounding context.

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