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Meet William Bumpus, a lawyer who gained notoriety due to his relationship with Gayle King, which ultimately ended in infidelity. Born and raised in Greenwich, South East London, England in 1954, he made headlines for his affair with another woman while being married to Gayle.

Their marriage, which lasted eight years, came to an end when Gayle discovered William’s unfaithfulness and filed for divorce. While William Bumpus is primarily known for his association with CBS News rather than his legal career, he did hold the position of Assistant Attorney General in Connecticut.

If you’re curious about more details regarding William Bumpus, Gayle King’s ex-husband, including his bio, age, and net worth, stay tuned for further updates. It’s no surprise that he remains a notable figure, considering his connection to the famous American television personality, author, and CBS News broadcast journalist, Gayle King.

William Bumpus Biography

William Bumpass, a notable figure with an interesting background. Born in 1954 to English parents in Greenwich, South East London, he is now 68 years old. Growing up in his hometown, William later ventured to the United States, settling in Connecticut and pursuing his education at Connecticut State University. Eventually, he transferred to Yale Law School in New Haven, Connecticut, to pursue his passion for law.

William Bumpass embarked on his professional journey as an Assistant Attorney General in Connecticut shortly after graduating in 1980. Although he held this position for a year, another opportunity as a civil attorney enticed him. Nonetheless, his dedication to public service led him back to the government as an assistant district attorney in Connecticut.

Throughout his career, William showcased his unwavering determination and commitment, earning the rank of attorney and specializing in representing the Department of Children and Families (DCF) in cases involving child abuse and neglect. To this day, he continues to work diligently in this capacity, particularly focusing on custody termination cases.

William Bumpus

While his legal accomplishments are noteworthy, William gained additional recognition through his relationship and subsequent marriage to the esteemed journalist, Gayle King. Their love story began in 1981, culminating in a private wedding ceremony in 1982. However, their marriage ended in divorce.

Following the divorce, William found companionship with Jane New, while Gayle King, on the other hand, remains single. Rumors once linked Gayle King to politician Cory Booker, as they were spotted together at various state dinners. However, neither party confirmed any romantic involvement.

William Bumpass’s journey is a captivating tale of professional growth, personal relationships, and the complexities of fame. Stay tuned for more updates on this intriguing figure.

William Bumpass Age

As of 2023, William Bumpus is 69 years old. Although the exact date and month of his birth remain unknown, we can determine his age based on the year he was born, which is 1954. So, at the current time, he is 69 years old.

William Bumpass Nationality

William Bumpus holds dual nationality, as he is both British and American. He was born in Greenwich, South East London, England, which establishes his British heritage. However, he is also recognized as an American, as he resides in Connecticut, USA, and has built his career there. As an attorney and Assistant Attorney General, William Bumpus has become a renowned figure in Connecticut, adding to his fame as a distinguished personality.

William Bumpass Educational Background

William Bumpus pursued his education at Connecticut State University, and upon completing his studies there, he made the move to Connecticut, United States, to further his training. Seeking to deepen his legal knowledge, he subsequently transferred to Yale Law School in New Haven, Connecticut, where he dedicated himself to the study of law.

After successfully completing his education, the accomplished attorney, who is also recognized for his marriage to Gayle King, earned his degree from Central Connecticut State University. Continuing his academic journey, he went on to earn his Juris Doctor degree from Yale Law School. At 69 years old, William Bumpus’s educational background has played a significant role in shaping his successful career.

William Bumpass Height

William Bumpus is approximately 6 feet and 1 inch (1.85 meters) tall, with a weight of around 85 kilograms (187 pounds). He boasts a charming appearance with dark-brown hair and captivating eyes. In terms of body measurements, he is estimated to have a chest size of 42 inches, waist size of 32 inches, and hip size of 37 inches. Additionally, his biceps measure approximately 16 inches in circumference.

William Bumpass Ethnicity

William Bumpus comes from a diverse ethnic background, with a heritage that includes both African descent and British/American nationality. This unique mix contributes to his mixed ethnicity, combining elements of the black race with his white British/American roots.

William Bumpass Marriage

William Bumpus tied the knot with the renowned American journalist Gayle King after dating for some time. Their marriage began in 1982, and they enjoyed several years together. However, their relationship took a drastic turn due to a significant incident.

William bumpus Wife

After being married for 11 years, Gayle King decided to file for divorce from William Bumpus, citing his infidelity as the reason behind her decision. The divorce was finalized in 1993. During a 2006 episode of her XM satellite radio show featuring Will Smith, Gayle King candidly shared that she discovered her husband in bed with another woman, leading to the end of their marriage.

Gayle King is a prominent American television personality, author, and broadcast journalist known for her work with CBS News. She has co-hosted CBS Morning and its predecessor, CBS This Morning, as well as serving as the editor at large for Oprah Magazine.

William Bumpass Divorce

The divorce between William Bumpus and Gayle King took place in 1993. Their marriage came to an end due to William Bumpus’s infidelity with a friend of his ex-wife. Despite having spent over a decade together, Gayle King made the difficult decision to divorce William Bumpus after discovering his betrayal.

William Bumpass children

William Bumpus and Gayle King have two children whom they are incredibly proud of. Their first child, Kirby Bumpus, was born in 1986. Kirby has an impressive career journey, having worked as an administrator during Barack Obama’s presidency and now thriving as a health educator and mentor. She’s happily married, and her parents are delighted to be grandparents.

The couple’s second child is William Bumpus Jr., born on April 28, 1987, in Connecticut, United States. William Jr. shares his African American heritage with his parents. While being in the public eye due to his family’s fame, the 34-year-old has managed to keep his personal life private, including his marital status and partner.

William Bumpus Jr. has led a life of privilege and recognition, contributing to the entertainment industry as a DJ and occasionally sharing the spotlight with his mother and Oprah Winfrey. Despite his success, he remains relatively low-key about his personal affairs.

William Bumpass Net Worth

William Bumpus has amassed a substantial net worth, which is estimated to be over $25 million. His wealth primarily stems from his long and prosperous career as a highly accomplished lawyer, spanning over four decades. Through his expertise and dedication, he has been able to achieve significant financial success in his profession.

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