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The well know ex-wife of Russell Wilson, Ashton Meem was birth in the United States of America. She was an ex-wife to the Seattle Seahawks quarterback player, Russell Wilson. Continue reading as we unveil the complete biography of Ashton Meem.

Ashton Meem Biography

Born on September 6, 1987, in Richmond, Virginia, Ashton Meem is the daughter of Lang Meem and Molly Meem. She spent her childhood in her hometown. Currently, Ashton Meem does not have any children and did not have any during her marriage to Russell Wilson.

Ashton meem biography

Following her marriage to Russell Wilson, Ashton Meem gained significant attention. However, the union was short-lived as they separated after two years. Ashton Meem is an only child with no siblings, older or younger, to her parents.

Ashton Meem Marriage

Ashton Meem and Russell Wilson’s love story began in high school, and they remained in touch despite attending different colleges. Ashton eventually joined Russell at North Carolina State University after completing high school in August 2010. The couple got engaged shortly after, and on January 14, 2012, they tied the knot at the Country Club of Virginia. Ashton, who worked as an event planner, planned the wedding meticulously and even considered starting her own wedding planning business.

On their big day, Ashton Meem Wilson looked stunning in her J. Crew wedding dress as she walked down the aisle, while Russell looked sharp in a designer suit. The wedding party consisted of nine bridesmaids and groomsmen, with about 300 guests in attendance, all dressed to impress.

Ashton Meem Divorce Affair

Ashton and Russell ended their marriage after two years. There were rumors of an affair between Ashton and Russell’s friend and teammate, Golden Tate, but both parties denied it. Despite this, Russell filed for divorce, leading fans to speculate that the alleged affair was the reason for the split. However, no proof has been presented to confirm this theory. Tate attempted to clear his name by stating that he did not have a relationship with Ashton after leaving the Seattle Seahawks in 2014.

At the time of their divorce, Russell had just led the Seattle Seahawks to win Super Bowl XLVIII and had earned several awards, including NFL Rookie of the Year in 2012 and the NFL passer-rating leader in 2015. The divorce was amicable, and no information was provided on the settlement amount. Ashton and Russell did not disclose the reasons for their separation.

Ashton Meem Education Background & Career

Ashton attended St. Catherine High School, which is on of the oldest private school for females, in Richmond. Ashton eventually enrolled at the University of Georgia. However, she later relocated to Raleigh to attend North Carolina State University, which allowed her to be near her then-boyfriend, Russell Wilson. In 2010, Ashton completed her undergraduate studies and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communications.

Ashton meem net Worth

Following her internship experiences in media marketing with Lewis Partners and McKinney, Ashton pursued a career as an art consultant. Later on, after completing her studies, she was employed by American Family Insurance as an Advertising Operations Assistant, a position which she continues to hold to this day.

Where Is Ashton Meem Now

After her divorce from Russell Wilson, Ashton chose to lead a private life with minimal presence on social media or in Hollywood. There has been no public information regarding her dating life since her split from Russell. It appears that Ashton Meem is content with living independently.

In contrast, Russell began a relationship with Ciara a year after their separation. They were seen together at the White House in 2015 during a meeting with Barack Obama. Following a four-month engagement, they tied the knot in July 2016. The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Sienna Princess Wilson, in April 2017.

Ashton Meem Net Worth

Ashton Meem was formerly married to Russell Wilson, who is a quarterback for the National Football League team, the Seattle Seahawks. Their marriage commenced in 2012 but ended in 2014. After their separation, Ashton Meem’s net worth is estimated to be over $4 million, which could be attributed to the divorce settlement. It is also plausible that she may be pursuing legal work or other avenues of income.

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