Moyo Lawal Husband; Moyo Lawal Biography, Age, Kids, Net Worth, Parents

Moyo Lawal, a Nigerian actress, was born in Badagry, Lagos State, Nigeria. In recognition of her talent and rising prominence, she received the “Revelation of the Year” award at the Best of Nollywood Awards in 2012. For more details about her life and career, please find her full biography below.

Moyo Lawal Biography

Born in the town of Badagry, Lawal received her primary, secondary, and tertiary education in Nigeria. She attended the University of Lagos, where she obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Creative Arts. In an interview, she candidly expressed that she has chosen not to have children, acknowledging the demanding nature of parenting as a primary reason for her decision.

moyo lawal

Moyo is a renowned Nigerian actress, film producer, and TV personality who has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry. Her talent and dedication were recognized in 2012 when she received the prestigious “Revelation of the Year” award at the Best of Nollywood Awards.

Moyo Lawal Age

Moyo Lawal Date of Birth; Born on January 1st, 1988, Lawal  is currently 35 years old.

Moyo Lawal State of Origin

Hailing from Lagos State, Nigeria, Moyo Lawal was born in Badagry, one of the oldest cities in the state. Known for its rich history spanning many decades, Badagry holds the distinction of being the first town in Nigeria to have a two-story building.

Moyo Lawal Parents

Moyo Lawal’s parents originate from the Yoruba kingdom in Lagos State. While she has not shared much information about her father, mother, relatives, or siblings on social media, we will make sure to provide updates if she chooses to do so in the future.

Moyo Lawal Boyfriend

moyo lawal husband

Is she married? Moyo Lawal has confirmed that she is married and blessed with three children. In response to a fan’s inquiry about her relationship status, she revealed that she is already happily married. Alongside a photo, she expressed this sentiment in writing.

moyo lawal kids

Moyo Lawal Acting Career

Lawal’s acting journey began with small plays, thanks to the encouragement of a friend from school. Despite an unsuccessful attempt at the Next Movie Star Nigerian TV reality show, she persevered. Lawal’s breakthrough as a professional actress came with her role as Chioma in the TV series “Shallow Waters.”

Lawal’s career soared to new heights when she secured a role in the critically acclaimed TV show called “Tinsel,” where she portrayed the memorable character named Chinny. Her exceptional performance in the series garnered attention, leading to her receiving the prestigious “Revelation of the Year” award at the 2012 Best of Nollywood Awards, also known as the “BON Awards.”

Moyo Lawal Movies

Lawal has made appearances in various Nigerian TV series and movies. Take a look at some of her notable works below.

  • Emem and Angie
  • A Time To Heal
  • Holding Hope
  • A Toast To Heartbreak
  • Tangled Web
  • Madam’s PA
  • Desperate Baby Mama
  • Millenium Parent
  • Judas Game
  • Parents’ Guard
  • Big Gals on Campus
  • The Bridal Shower
  • Mistresses
  • Cloud of Pain
  • Thanks For Coming
  • Never Love a Prince

Moyo Lawal Tv Series

  • Binta and Friends
  • Tinsel
  • Flatmates
  • Jenifa’s Diary
  • Eldorado,
  • Edge of Paradise
  • Shallow Waters
  • Super Story

Moyo Lawal Robbery Attempt

Lawal, who experienced a harrowing incident of a failed armed robbery attempt on the third mainland bridge in Lagos, Nigeria, has been actively drawing attention to the event. By sharing her personal account and offering suggestions to prevent such incidents from recurring, she aims to raise awareness about the issue.

Lawal emphasized that spreading awareness is crucial in addressing the problem. Following her brave disclosure, she received numerous messages from individuals sharing their own encounters with similar issues on the same route. This further underscores the importance of shedding light on the issue and taking steps to prevent its recurrence.

Moyo Lawal Net Worth

moyo lawal biography

Moyo Lawal, an award-winning Nollywood actress, is estimated to have a net worth ranging between $1 million and $1.5 million.Her diverse sources of income include advertisements, acting projects, business ventures, and her role as a social media influencer.

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