Madonna father Silvio Ciccone: Silvio Ciccone Biography, Net Worth, Children, Age, Career

This article will delve into the life of Silvio Ciccone, an Italian-American design engineer who happens to be the father of the renowned and talented Madonna.

Silvio Ciccone Biography

Silvio Anthony Ciccone, a Pennsylvanian-born Italian design engineer, is best known as the 91-year-old father of the globally renowned singer and performer, Madonna.

He was born in Pennsylvania, United States on June 2, 1931. While there is limited information available about his personal life and early childhood, it is known that he holds a degree in Engineering and has worked for esteemed companies such as General Motors and Chrysler.

Silvio Ciccone Children

Currently, Silvio is the owner of Ciccone Winery and Vineyard located in Michigan, United States.

Silvio takes pride in being the father of eight children from his two marriages. He was initially married to Madonna Fortin, with whom he had six children, including Madonna herself.

Tragically, Madonna Fortin passed away in 1963. Silvio then remarried three years later in 1966 to Joan, who was previously their housekeeper, and they had two more children together.

For many years, Madonna and her father had a strained relationship related to the circumstances surrounding her mother’s death. The exact reasons for their feud remain undisclosed.

However, over time, Madonna and her father reconciled and joined forces to support Martin, Madonna’s older brother, in his battle with alcoholism. Since then, Madonna and her father have regained a close bond.

Silvio vineyards have contributed to his estimated net worth of US$10 million. While he is recognized as a design engineer, it is believed that his net worth is primarily attributed to the success of his vineyards.

Silvio Ciccone  Age

Silvio Ciccone is currently 91 years old.

Silvio Ciccone Height And Weight

There does not seem to be any information about his height and weight.

Silvio Ciccone Nationality and Ethnicity

Silvio Ciccone’s nationality is Italian, indicating his Italian heritage and citizenship.

Silvio Ciccone Profession

Silvio is both a design engineer and the proprietor of a vineyard.

Silvio Ciccone Wife | Marriage

Silvio Ciccone Wife

After the loss of his first wife, Silvio married his former housekeeper, Joan Ciccone. Silvio has been married twice, with Joan being his second wife.

Silvio Ciccone Children

Silvio has a total of eight children, six of whom were born to his late wife Madonna, and the remaining two were born to his second wife, Joan.

Silvio Ciccone Net Worth

The success of Silvio vineyards has played a significant role in his estimated net worth of US$10 million. Although he is acknowledged as a design engineer, it is widely believed that the majority of his net worth stems from the accomplishments of his vineyards.

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