David Bromstad Ex-Boyfriend Jeffrey Glasko: Jeffrey Glasko Biography, Age, Height, Love Story, Net Worth

Jeffrey Glasko, an American who previously served as a police officer and later became a SWAT team leader, was once involved romantically with designer and real estate agent David Bromstad. Presently, Jeffrey holds the position of Chief Operating Officer at Bromstad’s LLC.

Jeffrey Glasko Biography

Jeffrey Glasko, born on May 6, 1966, was raised in Bal Harbor, Florida, United States, by his parents Doreen Glasko and Bruce Glasko. He grew up with his brother and stepbrother. Jeffrey’s zodiac sign is Taurus. He completed his education at Roger Williams University and subsequently began working as a Uniformed Patrol Detective.

In March 2005, Jeffrey joined the City of Miami Police Department as a police officer, where he served for five years until he decided to leave the force in December 2010. Prior to his career in the police department, Jeffrey had previously worked as a Special Federal Officer for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) from 1994 to 1999.

Jeffrey Glasko Biography

After leaving the police department, Jeffrey took on the role of Chief Operating Officer and Project Manager in David Bromstad’s business venture, during the time when they were in a romantic relationship. His current estimated net worth is around US$700,000.

Jeffrey Glasko Age

Jeffrey Glasko’s current age is 57, as of May 6, 2023.

Jeffrey Glasko Height & Weight

Jeffrey Glasko stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches and has a weight of 70 kilograms.

Jeffrey Glasko  Nationality | Ethnicity

Jeffrey Glasko holds American nationality and belongs to the white Caucasian ethnic group.

Jeffrey Glasko Profession

Glasko has had a distinguished career in law enforcement. He began as a police officer and worked his way up to become the leader of the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) unit.

Currently, he holds the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Bromstad’s LLC, showcasing his expertise in managing and overseeing operations.

Jeffrey Glasko And David Bromstad

Jeffrey Glasko And David Bromstad

Rumors circulated in 2010 suggesting that David had been utilizing funds from their shared account to acquire illegal drugs and engage the services of prostitutes. These actions significantly damaged Jeffrey’s trust and confidence in his partner.

Jeffrey Glasko Marriage Partner

The marital status of Jeffrey is currently unknown. Even during his relationship with David Bromstad, he preferred to keep their partnership secret, although it eventually became known to the public.

Jeffrey Glasko Children

Glasko, David Bromstad’s partner, did not have any children. Despite being together as a gay couple for nearly a decade, they did not have any biological or adopted children.

Jeffrey Glasko Net Worth

Following his departure from the police department, Jeffrey assumed the position of Chief Operating Officer and Project Manager in David Bromstad’s business venture, a role he held during their romantic relationship. At present, his approximate net worth is estimated to be around US$700,000.

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