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Renowned for his virtuoso storytelling technique and his somber portrayal of contemporary English society, Martin Amis is a British novelist and screenwriter.

Martin Amis Biography

Martin Amis, a renowned British author, was born in Oxford, England, United Kingdom, in August 1949.

Sadly, Martin Amis breathed his last on Friday at his residence in Lake Worth, Florida.

Martin Amis Age

Amis’s age is 73 years.

Martin Amis Height

Martin has a height of 5’6″.

Martin Amis Nationality

Amis holds British nationality.

Martin Amis Family Background

Martin has a notable parental background. His father, Kingsley Amis, was married twice, with one of his marriages being to Isabel Fonseca. Furthermore, his stepmother, the acclaimed writer Elizabeth Jane Howard, was also a part of his family.

Additionally, the renowned English poet Philip Larkin was a close friend of the family. On the other hand, Amis’s mother is Hilary Ann Bardwell.

Martin Amis Siblings

Amis has two siblings, namely Sally Amis and Philip Amis.

Martin Amis Career

Martin has made significant contributions to the literary world throughout his career. He has written numerous novels, including “The Rachel Papers,” “Dead Babies,” “Success,” “Other People,” “Money,” “London Fields,” “Time’s Arrow: Or the Nature of the Offence,” “The Information,” “Night Train,” “Yellow Dog,” “House of Meetings,” “The Pregnant Widow,” “Lionel Asbo: State of England,” and “The Zone of Interest.” Additionally, Martin Amis has authored several collections, such as “Einstein’s Monsters,” “Two Stories,” “God’s Dice,” “Heavy Water and Other Stories,” “Amis Omnibus,” “The Fiction of Martin Amis,” and “Vintage Amis.” Furthermore, he has ventured into screenplay writing, penning scripts for “Saturn 3” and “London Fields.”

martin amis biography

Amis has made notable contributions to the world of film and television with his writing credits. He has written for films such as “The Rachel Papers,” “Dead Baby,” and “Out of Blue.” Additionally, he has worked on the TV mini-series “Money” and the TV movie “The Nihilist’s Double Vision.”

Martin Amis Wife

Amis has had two marriages in his life. His first wife was Antonia Phillips, and he later married Isabel Fonseca.

Martin Amis Children

Martin has had a total of five children from his two marriages. Their names are Delilah Roberta Seale, Fernanda Amis, Louis Amis, Clio Amis, and Jacob Amis.

In 1984, Amis entered into marriage with Antonia Phillips, a philosophy professor from Boston who was widowed. Together, they had two children, Louis and Jacob.

After divorcing his first wife, Antonia, in 1994, Amis entered a new chapter of his life with Isabel Fonseca, who was younger and had garnered attention from Salman Rushdie. With Fonseca, Martin had two daughters, Fernanda Amis and Clio Amis.

In summary, Martin Amis is survived by his current wife, Isabel Fonseca, along with three daughters, Delilah Jeary, Fernanda Amis, and Clio Amis, and two sons, Louis and Jacob Amis. He also has four grandchildren and a brother named James Boyd.

Martin Amis Net Worth

Martin Amis is believed to possess a net worth of approximately $20 million.

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