Who is Lamidi Apapa: Lamidi Apapa Biography, Net Worth, Age, Family, State, Tribe, Religion, Educational Background

Reportedly, Apapa is a well-known Nigerian politician who purportedly holds the position of the present national chairman of the Labour Party. He took on this role following the suspension of Julius Abure. Prior to this, Apapa served as the chairman of the Labour Party’s Oyo chapter.

This article presents a comprehensive account of Lamidi Apapa’s personal background, encompassing his biography, career, education, and state of origin. While specific details regarding his net worth are not disclosed, his noteworthy involvement in Nigerian politics has attracted considerable recognition. Continue reading to gain further insight into Lamidi’s political trajectory and accomplishments.

Lamidi Apapa Biography

Born in 1950, Apapa is a native of Oyo state, Nigeria. Although details about his early life and family background are scarce, it is his political career that has garnered attention. Apapa’s dedication to public service and his active involvement in leadership positions within the Labour Party have played a significant role in establishing his prominence in Nigerian politics.

Lamidi Apapa Age | Date of Birth

Apapa, whose exact date of birth is unspecified in the available information, is currently 73 years old based on the year of 1950 in which he was born.

Lamidi Apapa State of Origin | Nationality

Hailing from Oyo state, Nigeria, Apapa proudly represents his state in his political pursuits. Moreover, as a Nigerian national, he demonstrates his steadfast dedication to serving his country and its citizens.

Lamidi Apapa Profession

lamidi apapa age

Apapa has made a name for himself in Nigerian politics through his roles as both a politician and a businessman. Throughout his career, he has remained committed to public service, consistently working towards bringing about positive changes in the country’s political arena.

Lamidi Apapa Educational Background

As of the time writing this article information about Apapa educational background is yet to be confirmed.

Lamidi Apapa Net Worth

Lamidi Apapa is estimated to be having a net Worth of about $1000, as of the time writing this article.

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